Thursday, July 31, 2008

Xobni may be the best makeover that has happened to MS Outlook

We all know that MS Outlook is a bloatware with features that make it tough to sort, organize and search. Well..those days maybe over. A new company called Xobni ('Inbox' spelt backwards) has developed a downloadable software that allows a user to organize email data in way that enables social networking quickly, right within the Outlook framework. It also displays aggregated information in a bar chart, for instance, the days and times emails were received from a specific person or organization. The social network is instantly generated based on who your email senders associate with through CCs and BCCs. The application also provides a list of files exchanged with your conversant going all the way back in time when your conversation first started. The tool also actively crawls through emails to actively populate phone numbers, photos and other information that maybe missing in your contacts database. Overall, the tool is extremely useful for heavy email users who have had enough of the Outlook Bloatware.

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