Friday, June 12, 2009

California digitizing textbooks?

In what maybe a decent move to usher in some semblance of fiscal management of the California Budget with its gaping hole, as wide as the recently discovered Borealis Basin on Mars, Gov. Schwarzenegger is talking about introducing digitized textbooks in schools - K1-K12. By some estimates, California Government's share of the textbooks comes to around $300 million (smaller than the cost of building a B2 bomber) but large enough to warrant discussions to reduce it. It is pertinent to note that digitized textbooks have already been introduced in some schools in China and other parts of the world. One of my clients is a leading promotor of digital education services in China and the company was able to profit rapidly from the Chinese government's deregulation of the Chinese education industry. Tons of paper is saved as well, which will net the California Government a large amount of carbon credits that can be further off loaded and traded in the green exchanges. Finally, information can be updated on the fly so that students do know that the Borealis Basin in the Northern Martian Hemisphere has replaced the Hellas Basin in the Southern Martian Hemisphere as the largest impact crater in the worlds we know of or that Pluto is no longer a planet in our solar system. Wait! How would the creationists react to the digitized era? That's a question best left to anyone's imagination.

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